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Family Life Centre Mediation Accreditation.

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The Family Life Centre has been recognised as an accredited Member Organisation of the National Accreditation Board of South Africa (NABFAM) and will now process Mediation Accreditation applications under the NABFAM standards. Our Mediation Department has been providing Divorce and Family Mediation services since 1992, offering neutrality and confidentiality as a respected organisation of this industry. 

Please note that in order to accredited through Family Life, you will need to have a tertiary qualification in one of the related fields, including law, social work, psychology, as well as meeting the other NABFAM requirements. In exceptional circumstances, the committee will consider an application from an applicant who didn't meet that criterion based on their experience in the field. 

Please find the below Accreditation Application form for First Time Accreditation or for

Re-Accreditation Applications (if you are currently a NABFAM Accredited Mediator at one of the other member organisations).

Download Accreditation Documents

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