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Walk 2 at Zoolake

Take care of your Mind, Body and Soul. 

Come join us, don't miss out!

It's all about WELLNESS!

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Photo pose at Zoolake


The Mental Health Breakfast Walk (Breakfast Walk) started in October 2021 as a response to the dire need for mental health support services. We realized that many people are struggling to cope and are in need of mental health support.  This affects their family life, work life and their personal lives. 

The Breakfast Walk aims to encourage people to take care of what we call the 3 Pillars of Wellness: Mind, Body and Soul. We do this through a range of activities facilitated by experts who specialize in each Pillar of Wellness.

The Breakfast Walk is also a fundraising event that aims to raise funds for those who are in need of counselling services but they cannot afford to pay for counselling.

On the 29th of October 2022, we will be hosting our second Annual Mental Health Breakfast Walk. The event will include a number of activities that will challenge the fitness of participants such as walking, jogging, yoga and other fun activities to keep participants entertained and active.

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