Who are we

The Family Life Centre also known as FAMSA Johannesburg is a Non-Profit Organisation that specializes in counselling services for individuals, couples and families, amongst others. Established in 1949, we pride ourselves with experienced, professional counsellors dedicated to offering professional support and helping to make a lasting change in individuals, families and communities.

We empower individuals to build happy healthy relationships with their families and communities, while empowering schools and businesses through our tailor-made programmes designed to suit your needs. 


About us

The Family Life Centre-FAMSA JHB is a registered non-profit organization (NPO NO: 001 074) established in 1949 by volunteers in response to the increase in marital and family breakdowns. Today, 72 years later, the professionalised organisation continues to respond to the same needs and increasingly serious societal issues. The core belief, rooted in research, is that functional families are the cornerstone of a healthy society. The Family Life Centre-FAMSA JHB promotes the integrity of all families and engenders resilience and hope; we believe that a successful society rest at the heart of functional families. We have offices across Gauteng which includes, Soweto, Alexandra, Diepsloot, Westbury, Lenasia south and our Head Office in Parkwood, conveniently located opposite the Zoo lake Swimming Pool


The Family Life Centre (FAMSA JHB) has been providing professional support to individuals, families and communities since 1949.

Our goal has evolved from strengthening marriages to building and maintaining healthy, stable relationships for all through a range of services and programmes.

The services we offer include:

  • All types of Counselling,

  • Training for health professionals and business teams.

Our services are designed to help people develop the following skills and outcomes:

  • Manage their lives

  • Enrich their relationships

  • Contribute towards developing their communities and ultimately, society.


To create a safe and functional South Africa

OUR Mission

To provide holistic professional services that support and empower individuals, families, couples and communities, to build healthy relationships through counselling, support groups, community programmes, training programmes, school development and Employee Assisted Programmes.


David Murray, the director of the Social Affairs Department in the Johannesburg City Council was a visionary of his time, he recognized the need for preventive and remedial services, so set about establishing a marriage guidance service. In 1949 the council made a small grant to fund the Johannesburg Marriage Guidance Society.


Several years later, the  Johannesburg Marriage Guidance Society amalgamated with the Youth Advice Bureau and the name was changed to The Family Life Centre in 1979. There have been many incredible people who have helped to develop and build the organisation into a resource for anyone looking for assistance with mental health, support and mediation.


The centre has always placed emphasis on continuously developing the knowledge and skills of their counselling staff. From the early 1950s, experts in the fields of Psychotherapy, Family therapy and even Anthropology were invited to give talks and training at the centre to improve the knowledge base of all staff.


This practice continues today with in-service training every month and other opportunities for skills development in the field of counselling, social work and divorce mediation.

The Family Life Centre has always reached out to communities outside of Parkwood, we have offices in Lenasia, Diepsloot, Westbury, Soweto and Alexandra.  These communities have a great need for affordable counselling services in their area and we work with other organisations to ensure that these services are made available.

Since it's inception in 1949, The Family Life Centre has always offered the public several professional counselling and therapeutic services which are offered at a reduced cost compared to the amount charged by private practitioners. This is possible because we are a NGO and receive funding from various sectors of our society which includes Government and Private Donor Funding.


The Family Life Centre is fully committed to the belief that everyone is entitled to professional services at affordable rates. All of our counsellors are highly educated and experienced social workers and psychologists.


What does Happy Healthy Relationships mean to you?

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